The Falsetto

Martin Milnes - Falsetto "One Man - Two Extraordinary Voices"

Martin's show THE FALSETTO has played in London and around the UK at various festivals, cabaret venues and private events.

His soprano range extends beyond soprano Top D sharp allowing him to sing operatic arias and musical theatre songs usually performed by female sopranos at pitch in their original keys.

The show is a unique blend of soprano arias and favourites as well as comical patter songs and other serious numbers performed in his tenor voice, all linked with a comedy script written by Martin.

The show was most recently seen at The Pheasantry in Chelsea in a new production entitled I COULD HAVE SUNG ALL NIGHT, produced by Richard Douglas Productions, who also produced Martin's two man cabaret with Russell Grant: SONGS WE ALWAYS WANTED TO SING - BUT WERE NEVER ALLOWED TO!

Martin Milnes explains his falsetto voice (at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival)

The first performance of THE FALSETTO took place at The King's Head Theatre in Islington in March 2009, featuring Martin and his comedy pianist sidekick Michael Baxter. Martin and Michael went on to perform the show at a charity gala supporting Alistair McGowan, and then received five star reviews at the Edinburgh Festival. Festival Guide 'Three Weeks Magazine' wrote "This show deserves a cult following. You'll probably never see anyone like Martin Milnes again."

Shortly afterwards Martin was asked by Simon Butteriss to sing an excerpt of his signature falsetto song, "Poor Wand'ring One" from The Pirates of Penzance in his Sky Arts TV series Gilbert and Sullivan: A Motley Pair, in which Martin also featured in several non Falsetto related scenes.

THE FALSETTO SINGS GILBERT AND SULLIVAN, was first seen at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Buxton in 2010. The show featured soprano, tenor and patter solos, duets and quartets all linked by dialogue sprinkled with Gilbertian quotes. In 2013 Martin received The Evening Argus 'Angel' Award for the production at The Brighton Festival.

Martin Milnes sings All Is Prepared from The Pirates of Penzance as both 'Fredric' and 'Mabel' (at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival) Martin Milnes sings The Hours creep on Apace from HMS Pinafore (at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival) Martin Milnes sings In A Contemplative Fashion from The Gondoliers - all four parts (at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival)

As well as The Pheasantry, Martin has also appeared as 'The Falsetto' alongside The Piano Brothers, and for The Players Theatre Music Hall Society, The Noel Coward Society, James Church's Cabaret Nights (Maidenhead), ClassicFest Opera Festival (Harrogate) and various private functions and charity events.

Martin sang the soprano roles of 'Yum-Yum' in THE ALL MALE MIKADO at the Union Theatre in 2008 , 'Oscar' in BALLO (UN BALLO IN MASCHERA) for Opera Up Close in 2013, and 'Araspe' in LA DIDONE for Ensemble Serse in 2014.

If you would be interested in THE FALSETTO for your festival, cabaret or private event please email for further details. Martin is able to tailor a musical programme of popular or specialist favourites especially suited to your event and audience.



"Martin Milnes ... is an electrifying presence even before he's started to sing, but when he does that one can hardly believe a male actor could sing so high and loud with such apparent ease. The epitome of high-octane camp, Milnes plays irresistibly ..."
Michael Church, The Independent


"A fluttering Martin Milnes giving the turn of the evening as Yum-Yum"
Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard

"The cast is uniformly outstanding and adorable although Martin Milnes stands out for his sympathetic, vulnerable performance as Yum-Yum"
Andrew Haydon, Time Out Magazine



One man, two voices and a cast of Gilbertian characters in a Fringe Show that defies description. Not theatre, cabaret, opera, comedy or drama, but a unique distillation by a unique artist. Swirling a pink umbrella, Martin Milnes sang Mabel better than any Savoyard soprano, the role that got him into falsetto singing in the first place. Echoing the part, the Buxton producer in 2008 had asked if there was one - yes, one - 'Mabel' in the house and would never have expected it to be a strong male tenor. Moreover, one who could make every word count and every note heard.

Martin Milnes' passion for Gilbert and Sullivan lit up his radiant performance. It illuminated the pastiche libretto and the opening burlesque: it made possible his almost incredible feat of singing the quartet from 'The Gondoliers' by rapidly criss-crossing the stage and remembering which Gondolieri is wooing who. It sparked off two Bab Ballads and brought forth some unfamiliar music from 'The Grand Duke', which deserves it.

Wondrously accompanied by Milnes' regular pianist John Howells, and promoted by Sussex Gilbert and Sullivan Society impresario Melvyn Tarran, Martin Milnes received a deservedly ecstatic reception of joy and rapture unconfined.
Louise Schweitzer, Brighton Evening Argus

THE FALSETTO - Edinburgh Festival

Some hilarious pastiches of the musical theatre genre ... It is to the show's credit that they manage to produce some genuinely poignant numbers, rather than to succumbing to the temptation of performing songs that are only funny because of Martin's voice.

For its sheer creativity and entertainment, this show deserves a cult following. You'll probably never see anyone like Martin Milnes again.

You cannot escape the fact that Martin's talent shines ... A genuine pleasure to behold ... Destined for something magical.

Catch Martin this early in his career and you'll want to follow him all the way through.

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